What we achieved

    • Developed and consolidated the business plan for the strategic creation of a new manufacturing plant and associated sales company (50M$ revenue) in the Middle-East with two joint-ventures, for the worldwide second largest company active in chemical additives in the context of a strategic expansion. Collected data, met with local authorities, evaluated free trade zone regulations and due diligence, developed a « what if » tool to enable financial scenarios for the projection within five to ten years from now.
    • Business plan was delivered to CEO including legal recommendation for setting business in this region, as well as evaluated financial part of the cooperation with two local joint ventures (sale price, transfer price, production costs, depreciation, duties, …). After six months, the business case was delivered and served as solid basis for the signature of a Joint Venture in the Middle-East.
    • Aligned business rules and SAP in a company active in thermoplastic industry that was facing operations losses due to quick forced SAP implementation and lack of process alignment & training after an acquisition several years before. In this context, customer service wasn’t trusted to be efficient by sales organization and buyer wasn’t able to develop new products as foreseen.
    • Analyzed processes and tools, redeveloped business rules (make to order or make to stock), and automated the forecast based production schedule while reshaping the planning organization with a focus on demand planning. Aligned operations supply chain and planning with SAP.
    • Put in place operational KPI’s for follow up of best practices. As a result, after two years, all KPI’s showed reduction of stocks level on the long term, better on-time delivery performance. Finally operations became beneficiary and at group level there is no more wish to divest in this entity.

Marc Foret – CSCP, CPIM, CDDP & SCOR instructor

  • A massive new industrial port and zone – KIZAD, Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi – has been created in Abu Dhabi, UAE. This could potentially rival Jebel Ali in the UAE as a supply chain hub for petrochemicals. Leslie was asked to provide an independent strategic assessment of KIZAD’s potential to develop into this role.
  • A partner in a $10 billion  joint venture in Saudi Arabia needed advice on the supply chain options should the joint venture be expanded to double its original size. Leslie gave advice on the best supply chain players for the products being produced, what the supply chain network might look like, how to negotiate with local authorities in Saudi Arabia and the nature of the local and export markets for the projects products.
  • Petrochemical training clients include Saudi Aramco, Saudi Industrial Development Fund, the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu, a leading European petrochemical logistics company and a tank storage and liquid logistics company in Saudi Arabia.

Leslie McCune – Chemical & Petrochemical Expert

  • Project manager for the implementation of a single sales concept in 5 east European countries structured under an Austrian sales company. The implementation of the single sales concept in SAP enabled full business visibility on transactional activities and integrated margins and contributed to the realization of 5 to 7 M€ annual tax optimization. Obviously the SAP implementation went hand in hand with establishment of organizational synergies and process cost optimization. The success of the project has been achieved with a strong result oriented team of business specialists and a team of customers and consultant company IT experts.

Didier De Moor – Process Engineering Expert

  • We are enabling the growth and maturity of a client deploying a new technology Solar Energy across the globe, from an R&D driven business startup and prototype plant level to an Industrial Scale and Power Plant level.More specifically, we are supporting  their Procurement Organization to grow from entrepreneurial to a worldwide professional structure At the same time, we have defined and managed roadmaps to cut the BOM cost by a factor 3, thereby generating tens of millions USD cost avoidance. Paralell to this we have reduced the qualification process from  39  down  to 14 weeks,  while integrating Procurement into the business planning cycle.Moreover, we helped them implement their Sales and Operations process, integrating Sales, Supply Chain and Sourcing, thereby allowing them to properly prioritize their initiatives and resources.Furthermore, we built a solid Supply Chain Execution process and professional organization to build their major US plant from 25 sources into one fitting manufacturing unit, as well as supporting them in delivering all the solar equipment on time in full  from various global sources to the execution sites, where we are right now supporting the project management and  realization of a major  power plant.

Serge De Bel – Process Engineering Expert

  • Interim Supply Chain Manager (~70 products = ~ 500 SKU’s + 2-3 New Product Launches per month) at Hormosan Pharma GmbH (A Lupin Group Company) in Frankfurt/Main. The Supply Chain Manager who worked more than 40 years with Hormosan was close to his retirement. Hormosan hired a replacement early enough but he left at his last day of the agreed probation period (he had an issue with the MD). At the same time the SCM Manager Assistant went thick for 12 weeks. Result: The Supply Chain was overnight empty. Just the logistics manager left and tried to keep at least the daily business. For 2 months nobody did Material Requirement Planning and nobody placed Purchasing Orders. Additional to that difficult situation Lupin rolled out SAP and started globally S&OP procedure. Also the MD had to leave at that moment. Hormosan was suddenly without any Management. At that point Rolf joined. Responsibilities: S&OP (In-house products Lupin India), Material Requirement Planning (In-Licensed products globally), New Product Launches, Procurement, Production Planning, Logistics.

Rolf Koehnen – Process & Systems Expert

  • A 44MW solar plant is being constructed in Touwsrivier, South Africa. There were issues with the production of electrical cabinets. Kristel was asked to manage the project  to bring the supplier back on track.
  • A manufacturer of solar panels needed to adapt its modules as well as electrical system equipment to UL. Kristel was the procurement person taking care of these products.

Kristel Roesems – Process Engineering Expert

  • Design processes for new global supply chains.
  • Optimize SAP configuration : PP, MM, SRM.
  • Developed and implemented centralized Master data management process across all direct supply chain modules: MM, PP , SD, APO, WM, FI.
  • Developed supply chain fundamental education program (8 modules).
  • Redesign Procurement organization, processes and systems.
  • Production cycle run optimization for long and short markets.
  • Overflow storage optimization.
  • S&OP process improvement.
  • Global SAP and SRM consolidation and harmonization.
  • Debottlenecking of material flows activities.