Procurement & purchasing

When every Euro/USD counts!

Our fast changing world is requiring more attention on company expenditures. Although the procurement and purchasing functions have evolved tremendously over the last decade, we are still confronted every day with very inadequate organizations, unbalanced Buyer/Seller relationship or hidden risk in every procurement department. This is causing damages and avoidable cost.

Our role is to help our clients to spot the problems, fix them and uplift the procurement professionalism and capabilities.

Savings are often accounted for several percentage points of the EBIT.

Transitive Management methodology is simple and effective following quick analysis or in depth studies summarized as follows:

  • Assess organizational capabilities, leadership, commodity management and overall procurement effectiveness
  • Assess processes, data management, contract management, ethical rules and procurement policies & procedures
  • Assess direct and indirect spend and identify gaps/opportunities
  • Assess tools utilization, data accuracy, data inconsistency and overall risk landscape
  • Provide blue prints, project assistance, punctual advises, networking and coaching
  • Train and educate stakeholders