Frequently Asked Questions

Where is TM based and where do you provide your services?

We are based in Belgium but a majority of our customers are widespread around the Globe.

Which languages do you cover?

Our team generally speaks English and French. We have also Dutch and German as main working languagues.

What is the average age and experience years within your team?

Our partners’ age average is 40 to 50 years old and our experience in industries is above 20 years on average.

How do you differentiate yourself from other firms in your sector?

We are experts and practitioners in all areas of the Supply Chain and Aero SC industries.

We cover 17 strategies all the way to ERP systems implementations… We bring support to existing teams and we implement & optimize best in-classes processes.

In one word: we are excellent professionals in all aspects of the Supply Chain. 

Are there Supply Chain aspects which you do not cover?

Our team covers practically all aspects except perhaps the ERP programming part for which we have external partnerships.

What is your UNIQUE strength?

Training (Educational) coupled with hands on experience in the field.

How flexible is your team during missions?

We operate around the clock and internationally. We have strong Multicultural Ethical approach and are familiar with cultural aspects of the Supply Chain.

How do you describe a typical Transitive Management customer?

Like a SME or more generally a very large company struggling with complex Supply Chain projects.