Logistics & Warehousing

Moving & Storing goods… an Art!

Our clients have similar issues when dealing with logistics and warehousing activities. On one end these activities are growingly being outsourced and also the cost, quality of performance, service level agreements, measurements /reporting and last but not least the benchmarking capabilities are often done in vacuum and with relative poor results.

The outcome is that the variable cost and service levels are stagnating or are missing the necessary ingredients to perform step changes in the right direction.

Transitive Management offers a simple and effective support amongst:

  • Designing/reviewing logistics blue prints
  • Assessing logistics performance (cost and service level)
  • Assess and assist logistics professionals during projects
  • Assess and map material flows processes
  • Assess information flows data accuracy
  • Support effective LSP integration (SLA’s)
  • Reduce waste and increase lean processes (SCOR, SIX SIGMA, Lean methodologies)
  • Synchronize Planning activities
  • Synchronize and improve systems interfaces and utilization
  • Improve Packaging/Packing utilization rate
  • Train and educate stakeholder