Systems & Processes

ERP – SAP – Navision

Transitive Management focuses on critical success factors to any supply chain project.

Our three dimensional combination (ORG/PROCESSES/ENABLERS) is systematically performed when supporting our clients in improvement projects.  Additional focus can be performed in depth and more specifically in the following areas:

1. Organizational issues

  • Governance issues
  • Ethical reviews
  • Audits
  • Assessment (individuals or collective)
  • Resources and skills
  • Training, coaching and mentoring

2. Processes issues

  • Project management
  • “Need to pay” optimization
  • “Order to cash” optimization
  • Reporting and data management
  • Business intelligence
  • Risk analysis

3. Enablers issues

  • Systems synchronization and data accuracy
  • Reporting capabilities
  • ERP functionalities
  • Missing functionalities
  • Risk landscape