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3 days training on DDMRP Methodology (Gent) – Session 1

In collaboration with Transitive Management and the Demand Driven Institute, a 3 days training class is organized on the DDMRP methodology in Gent on Dec, 3rd – 5th 2014.

CDD Program and Certification 

Module 1: MRP in the Modern World – the materials challenge in the 21st Century

• Key questions for planning and flexibility
• Dealing with Variability
• Materials or Capacity – Where to Focus First
• Continued Relevancy of MRP formal planning
• The Challenge of MRP in Today’s Environment
• MRP and Pull-Based Methods (e.g. Lean, DBR)
• The Stagnation of MRP
• The MRP Conflict


Module 2: Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning Introduction

• What does “Demand Driven” mean?
• Blending Independence and Dependence
• Part Types in DDMRP
• Planning and Execution
• The Five Primary Components of Demand Driven MRP
• DDMRP Comparison to Past Practices


Module 3: Strategic Inventory Positioning

• The Positioning Factors
• ASR Lead Time
• ASR Lead Time and Matrix BOMs


Module 4: Distribution Network Positioning

• Distribution network factors
• Cumulative variability
• Demand driven versus push and promote
• Network Configurations and Options


Module 5: Buffer Profile and Level Determination

• Inventory – Asset or Liability
• Buffer Profiles
• Buffer Zones
• Calculating Buffer Levels
• Continuous Improvement and Buffers
• Buffer Level Summary


Module 6: Dynamic Buffers

• Recalculated Adjustments
• Planned Adjustments
• Manual Adjustments


Module 7: Demand Driven Planning – Stocked Parts

• Part Planning Designations
• The DDMRP Planning Process
• Supply Order Generation for Stocked Items
• DDDRP Supply Order Generation Considerations
• Supply Generation for Non-Stocked Items
• Decoupled Explosion


Module 8: Highly Visible and Collaborative Execution

• Challenging Priority by Due Date
• Buffer Status Alerts
• Synchronization Alerts
• Execution Collaboration


Module 9: DDMRP and Master Scheduling

• DDMRP Impacts to a Master Production Schedule
• DDMRP and Capacity Scheduling Implications
• DDMRP and Sales and Operations Planning
• DDMRP impacts to ERP


Module 10: DDMRP Performance Reporting and Analytics

• DDMRP Performance Reporting
• Analytics


Target Group: Supply Chain Professionals, Planning, Procurement, Logistics and Operations.

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